Writing in Everyday Life 3: Asking Questions

isbn 978-1-84285-442-6
Eve Miller B.Ed. Price £ 24.99 €29.99
A4 40pgs includes interactive board activities and sheets for printing

This is the third book in this series from Eve Miller.

Eve Miller is an experienced classroom teacher and now a keen author. This book is a response to a direct request from teachers for suitable learning materials for this cohort of students. It comes with free audio files, interactive software and powerpoint displays ( and open office equivalents) to help teachers teach and children to learn.

This book is designed to help children and young people to become skilled in formatting
and asking questions. This is a vital life skill for children and young people, to engage in
communication from small talk to formal conversation. The ability to formulate and ask
relevant questions is a life skill that many students in this cohort find difficult and will
often resort to the well heard phrase ‘ you know what I mean?’ An inability to formulate
and ask relevant questions is a life limiting condition, that is why this book is an important contribution to the education of this cohort of students.
This is a value laden book that will support teachers in their work and help students to
learn. This is the third in a series of 4 books written for Lawler Education by the same
author. The series is: Writing in Everyday Life 1 Making inferences, Writing in Everyday
Life 2 Travelling, Writing in Everyday Life 3 Asking questions, Writing in Everyday Life 4


Literacy, asking questions, Eve Miller,Lawler Education, Dr Graham Lawler, Literacy Matters,

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