Writing Crime Fiction 2nd ed

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Step-by-step guidance to becoming a crime writer

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Here is how to become a published crime
Writing crime is an excellent introduction to
the genre from a well-established and highly
respected author.
In this book you will learn: -How to start writing crime. -How to layer your novel with clues. -How to find a market for your work. -How to be a professional crime writer.

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Author Janet Laurence Price £12.99 Format Paperback, 215 x 135mm, 160pp
Second Edition 978-1-84285-248-4 Foreword Val McDermid

Val McDermid: Top International Best selling author who wrote the foreword to the book.

Crime novels are one of the most popular genres with the public, both in Europe and North America. This is because a crime novel is a puzzle. It is either a ‘whodunnit’ or a ‘howdunnit’, either way This book takes you step-by-step through the creation of believable characters and the intricacies of plotting. You really could join Colin Dexter (Inspector Morse), Ian Rankin (Rebus), Patricia Cornwell (Scarpetta) and be a top author. Every journey starts with one step, make this your step today.

Read further down the page and you will see the contents and the exercises that the author has created for you to develop your writing talent.


John and Anne 5.0 out of 5 stars Superb Value Reviewed in the United Kingdom

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So pleased I found this – I’ve read several books on writing crime fiction, all helpful in their way but this is easily the one I like best. I love Janet Laurence’s detective novels and her experience and expertise make this an outstandingly helpful and comprehensive guide. The contents are in a logical order and take you through every aspect of writing a crime novel in a clear, friendly manner. It answers all sorts of questions I haven’t seen covered elsewhere. I especially liked the tips and glimpses of how-they-do-it from colleagues in the CWA such as Robert Goddard, Peter Lovesey, Val McDermid, Ian Rankin and many more. An inspiring guide I’ll be using frequently. Highly recommend for any harassed/aspiring crime author.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Crime Fiction Writing Made Easy Reviewed in the United States

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The book outlines issues surrounding plotting,characterisation and motivation,use of dialogue to develop your plot , the
role of forensic science in solving crime backed up with concrete examples.
A plot is usually character-driven.
“Creating interesting and believable characters entails building up a picture of them and their background.” For each of her characters the author writes out a `backstory’. This is an account of their lives before the point where they enter the book; details of their family, what their history is so far, what their character traits are and everything that has formed their personality by the time they appear in the story.
It is helpful not only to people writing fiction but also readers seeking to understand the structure of a crime novel.

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Crime Writer Janet Laurence

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