Understanding Maths

By the author of BBC Bitesize Maths (which sold 50,000+ copies)
• foreword by the Late Sir Arthur C Clarke of 2001 a Space Odyssey
• Huge demand in HE and FE education, this book sells to student
teachers, student nurses, BTEC technical students.
• Popular with parents who wish to help their children’s education.

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Cover for Understanding Maths
Understanding Maths

Who else wants to spend less time studying and be able to calculate
correctly each time?
This book includes details on:
• Numbers and place value
• Dealing with fractions
• Calculating with percentages
• Working with decimals
• Using a calculator
• Angles and turning
• Area and volume
• Data handling
• Probabilities and chance

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Dr Graham Lawler
Price £12.99
Paperback, 215 x 135mm, 160pp

ISBN 9781842854235
World all language


I have not looked at maths since I left school over 15 years ago, back then I did not understand it. This book has helped be get to grips with learning maths again and developing a proper understanding of how it is done. –Amazon UK

‘Graham Lawler you are a hero’ Amazon.co.uk –Amazon.co.uk George Low (Scotland) – See all my reviews This review is from: Understanding Maths: Basic Mathematics Explained (Studymates) (Paperback) This book is exactly what I expected, a good, well structured reference guide to everyday maths. It covers most aspects of maths from arithmetic to algebra and explains things in plain English. –Amazon.co.uk Mr. R. Hassan This review is from: Understanding Maths: Basic Mathematics Explained (Studymates) (Paperback) Just a quick one, this is a great book it is explained very well and has helped me a lot. I am very happy I purchase this book and would recommend it to anyone. Thank you –Amazon.co.uk –https://www.amazon.co.uk/Understanding-Maths-Mathematics-Explained-Studymates/dp/1842852655/ref=sr_1_9?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1496748764&sr=1-9&keywords=Graham+Lawler

5.0 out of 5 starsFraction Phobia Finally Finished Bybeakon 19 October 2016 Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase Solved my problems with fractions. An excellent book and very easy to read. No technical jargon. So good I bought a friend one too.

A. I. McCulloch

5.0 out of 5 stars Thank goodness – another solid book to help us understand!Reviewed in the United

Verified Purchase

Those of us with memories of poring over difficult maths textbooks that seemed to speak another language will be heartened by this. If you’ve used BBC mathematics online resources to help you study you will have read the author Graham Lawler already – he wrote many of them. This book is handily sized to slip into a briefcase in comparison to many textbooks. It’s written in language that clarifies, not confuses, in a way that relates maths skills to the real world, particularly the world of business.

I’ve reviewed a few maths resources for Amazon and this is up there with the best. If you are buying this for someone with dyslexia you might also wish to purchase the Chambers Adult Learners’ Guide to Numeracy which is written in dyslexia-friendly text and on off-white non-glaring paper. However that stops short at key skills Level 2, whereas this goes further with the skills needed for Level 3 and university entrance tests/ the numeracy skills tests needed to gain qualified teacher status (QTS). It’s a good resource for numeracy tutors too – giving insights in how to get difficult concepts over.

Highly recommended.

4.0 out of 5 stars Good introductory material

Verified Purchase

This was a recommended read on a university course – while it did thoroughly cover operations in arithmetic, other concepts it neglected, such as logarithms and differentials and it also didn’t cover algebraic properties like distribution and commutation. A solid introduction but would need to be complemented by a more extensive textbook for students looking to expand their knowledge.

5.0 out of 5 stars Really Helped Me Verified Purchase

I really struggle with maths, even in it’s most simplest form. While studying at college I was required to take a course in maths and I truly dreaded the prospect. In order to better prepare myself for the course I bought this book as well as several others.

I have to say this book has helped me no end to improve my maths skills. it’s easy to read, well laid out and contains lots of examples with adequate solutions and explanations.

If like me you struggle with even the most simple maths for whatever reason, this book will help you progress your skills.

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T. Mcpherson 5.0 out of 5 stars A Good place to start!!! Verified Purchase

I had been searching for a Maths book to explain everything i just hated about this subject when i was at school (in the Eighties). I found this book had good reviews, and i must admit it really set alight my interest in the subject so much that i bought the “studymates” Basic Algebra soon afterwards. I would advise however, that you purchase another maths book written by another author to see things from a different perspective. ( I chose “Teach yourself” Complete Mathematics)I really cant recommend it enough and donated the book to my staff library because of its value.

3.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Verified Purchase

This book is ideal for mature, motivated students who have good reading skills but lack confidence in maths. It covers a lot of ground, from basic topics like multiplying by powers of 10 through to Pythagoras and solving complicated linear equations. The techniques shown are clear and accurate. However, it is not suitable for those with literacy difficulties since there is a lot of text, some of it quite dense, and it is not designed for exam preparation as there are few practice questions included for many of the topics.

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