The Volkswagen Beetle

isbn 9781842855089
Ed Carlow
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Read how Adolf Hitler himself wanted a cheap, simple car to be mass produced for the new German road
system. Many people are also amazed to find that it was Ferdinand Porsche of Porsche 911 fame who was
the lead engineer on the car. In German, ‘ Volks’ means Folk or people and ‘wagen’ means car so the Volkswagen was literally the ‘ peoples’ car’. We will also read how Major Ivan Hirst from the British Army had to remove a bomb at the end of the second world war, from the VW factory and get production going again. The book will cover the similar car that was a secret weapon against the Nazis in the Second world war and the financial settlement between Volkswagen and the Czechoslovakian car company Tatra.
Finally we read of Herbie the VW that could drive itself in the Herbie movies

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VW Beetle

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