The Morris Minor

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The Morris Minor

isbn 9781842855041
Ed Carlow
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‘ He’ll prefer this to a pair of socks’
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This book is a joyful journey through British motoring history.
This book is ideal for:
• Classic car enthusiasts.
• Fans of the Morris Minor.
• Older people who remember the car in its heyday.
• Libraries.
• Schools

We read the story of a young designer’s idea of a car so radical that over fifty years later,
it would still be part of our lives.
From the car’s launch at Earl’s Court in 1948 to the passion of restorer’s who are making this classic available for a new generation, read how this car became woven into the
fabric of our lives.
We read how the original design was inspired by pre-war cars and how the Minor was
cut in two and widened. The book covers how adaptable the car was and shows how the
van version of the Minor became such a workhorse in its day. The book shows us examples of the adaptations that were made and how it was used in all areas of society.
Modern cars have central control units and have to be hooked to a computer. This makes DIY repairs virtually impossible. Cars of the 60’s and 70’s can be taken apart with a spanner. That is a huge part of the appeal for the Minor and why it has been so popular and why it is gaining popularity with young people who are too young to remember it in its heyday. It can be customised and we see various examples and some are works of automobile art.
This is a fascinating tale of an iconic motor car

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This is a 1934 Morris Minor and you can see how narrow the car is, compared to cars from today. This was the type of width that was planned for the new post war Mosquito, soon to be renamed the Minor. Issigonis was unhappy with this, he had the prototype cut in half length ways and moved apart until it looked right This meant that the production car was 10 cm (about 4 inches) wider. This made the car look seriously modern and was a great aid to selling the car.

If you look closely at the bumper (USA= fender), then you can see there is a piece of metal between the two chrome parts. This is because the bumpers/fenders had already been made and in post war, it was too expensive just to dump them and start over, they had to be used. The bonnet (USA = hood) also had a 10 cm/4 inch flat piece added to the centre line and the floorplan had two sections added each side of the transmission tunnel.

Customised van
Morris Minor Van

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