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An Introduction to the World’s Major Faiths

Cover for Religion by Dr Andrew Chibi
Religion Dr Andrew Chibi

Information Points

  • Written by an expert academic who is also a published author.
  • Explains how the major faiths emerged.

The need to understand other people’s culture and faiths has never been greater and that is why you should consider this book. The fact that so many communities with different beliefs come together mean we have to be respectful for each others beliefs.

The book covers:

  • How the major faiths emerged.
  • How the differing communities were established.
  • How new Judaic, Christian and Islamic thinking emerged.
  • The influence of the Renaissance.
  • The Impact of Aristotle.
  • The development of Modernity.
  • Beyond the Industrial Revolution.

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All Schools should have a copy to make sure all pupils have access to understanding other people’s faiths.

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Religion, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Prophet, Jesus Christ, Jewish, Christian, Desert