Project Management 2nd Ed

How to Plan and Deliver a Successful Project

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Here is how to plan and deliver a successful project.

Who else needs to manage a project? Well

frankly everyone working in the public or private sector. Yet how many of us get adequately trained in how to do it? This is where this book can help. Written by an experienced practitioner, what lies at the beating heart of this book is the structure of a strategy to ensure that every project is successful. If you do what the author says, you will deliver on time and to budget.

Who is this book for?

This is an essential guide for all people in business, and is a useful tool for Business Studies/Management students.

Author Vicky Billingham

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Format Paperback, 246 x 171mm, 160pp


About the author Vicky Billingham is a consultant trainer. She delivers be-spoke courses for industry clients and is a recognised expert in project management. Vicky lives with her husband in the U.K.

This book explains how to:

·    plan

·    cost

·    budget

·    and deliver a project on time.

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John Singleton

5.0 out of 5 stars Best before the body of knowledge Reviewed in the United Kingdom

A fantastic book clear and easy to read. Wish I’d found this before reading the body of knowledge, would have made reading that and the APMP course much easier.


5.0 out of 5 stars Five StarsReviewed in India

Verified Purchase

informative book for beginners and experienced project executives.

Reviews of the first edition
Am Shaw – This book follows the Association for Project Management Introductory Certificate syllabus, and as such it is ideal for anyone who is interested in gaining that qualification, and also provides a good starting point for the APMP, which is the next level up. It provides a sound and pretty much jargon-free guide to the principles of project management, and includes a useful case study, which is built up as the reader completes each chapter. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn and understand what project management is, and what the Project Manager needs to do to maximise the chances of success.

S P JONES – I found this book extremely helpful in explaining project management but keeping it very practical. The author has provided clear explanations of everything but has also made the book entertaining. ven more useful is the Project Management Plan that the reader is asked to develop throughout the book, which you can then check against the sample one. This will ensure all the project managers start off the project on a clear and consistent footing.

J. NEVE – Rarely do you find exactly what you need, but if you manage projects and would like to add polish to your management toolkit, or simply would like to make a start in project management, this book may be just what you are looking for. A simple, no nonsense view of professional project management, incorporating techniques which will genuinely help in any type of project. If you are looking to obtain a professional qualification, this book will even help you test your progress. Simply expressed, yet comprehensive, this book will not disappoint.

G. W. Peel If you are a Project Leader or starting out in Project Management then this book is ideal. It covers a broad scope and is well organised which makes it a good reference book but its main strengths are its simple and straightforward presentation. Combined with the worked examples and wryly excellent PM’s diary this makes it a very readable for managers at any level.

J. Stamatiou Clear, comprehensive ,easy to use and understand – this is the best book I have read on the subject. Covers every aspect of the project management process without being over complicated. Read in depth or dip in to enhance your skills. Easy to find your way around and builds up your knowledge as you read. Leaves you feeling inspired to get started! –


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