Perfect Grammar

How to recognise, avoid, and correct grammar errors.

For students, teachers & tutors at all levels

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Perfect Grammar Cover
Perfect Grammar

• Multiple readership – for both a general and academic market. • Deals with an overlooked topic that is at the heart of all academic work.

• The author draws on years of practical experience of teaching English.

Who else wants to make their writing sparkle? How often have you written something and not been sure if it is correct? Should you write ‘its’, ‘it’s’ or ‘it is’? Armed with this book, you will never make those errors again.

This book includes details on: • how to avoid sentence fragmentation. • the causes of run on sentences. • the many enemies of sentence clarity. • pronoun reference and agreement. • subject-verb agreement. • verb tense.

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Author: Dr Derek Soles Click here to buy Format: Paperback, 135×215, 160pp ISBN:978-1-84285-136-4 Price: £12 .99; €13.99

Who is this book for ? • All pupils/students in full- or part-time education. from age 16 upwards • Teachers, tutors and parents who want to support their pupils or children in their learning. • University, College and School libraries • Adult Students in the Open University • Public and Reference libraries.

Review on amazon, 5.0 out of 5 stars Bought this for my grandson, … When you are a grandparent it is easy to become misty eyed about your offspring’ s offspring but a dose of reality came into the family. Youngster’s youngster could not punctuate properly so Grandpa came riding to the rescue with this book. Result, happy family and youngster’s youngster is going to uni when he has finished school. Oh and Grandpa is a bit of a hero. Darnn’ good book this one.

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