How to become an Author

Dr Graham Lawler

Dr Graham Lawler on the radio

Becoming an author was always a dream of mine ever since boyhood. I remember watching, what I thought was a wonderful show,Wilde Alliance with John Stride and the lovely Julia Foster (Ben Fogle‘s mum).

I would have been about 12 at the time and I thought then what a great way to earn a living.

Then life, hormones and teenage angst got in the way. So when an author suggested a list of creative writing books we thought yes, why not.

Twenty years on we have a number of titles that can help you in your writing.

9781842855379 CRIME WRITING How to Write the Science Brian Price

9781842851142 McCallum’s Writing Glossary

9781842851180 Writing ‘Soap’, How to write continuing drama

9781842850886 Writing Crime Fiction Janet Laurence

9781842850954 Writing How to Articles and Books: Chriss McCallum

9781842850770 Writing Historical Fiction: Marina Oliver

9781842850930 Starting to Write: Dr Rennie Parker

9781842850626 Writing TV Scripts 2nd ed Steve Wetton

9781842850602 Writing Science Fiction: Lazette Gifford

9781842850619 Writing and Imagery A.J. Palmer

9781842851043 The Craft of Fiction Jonathan Falla

9781842850961 Ghost Writing Lynne Hackles

9781842854938 Professional Writing Dr Paul BREEN

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