Harry Ferguson: Tractor Genius

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Harrry Ferguson

Harry Ferguson was an engineering genius. His ability to visualise and build a new system that changed the role of the tractor on the farm, changed farming around the world.

The system in use today is still the same system he developed, all those years ago and this book tells how he saved countless farmers lives. We also read how the design changed the way tractors are used on farms. We hear about the effect on the 1930’s Wall St crash and the need for the tractor and how the little grey Fergie saved an Australian town.

The story then tells us about a Danish company that has made the tractor a media star. Talking of media it includes the connection to the BBC’s Countryfile programme and the t.v. presenter Matt Baker. This is a delightful read and one that will evoke many memories.

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Matt Baker from BBC Countryfile

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Harry Ferguson and his tractor, changed the world. click here to buy


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