Hamilton-Vale Global Literacy Books

We have developed a number of titles to encourage reading. Our CEO Dr Graham Lawler is on record as saying that ‘ reading is software for the brain’.

Dr Lawler was visiting a U.K. Midlands College when one of the Learning Resources staff said ‘ Dr Lawler, please give us something to get these boys reading, they are not reading anything.’

At this point a young man came to the service desk and said to her ‘ Miss have yo got a thingy?’

She asked, ‘what is a thingy?’

This young man did not have the word ‘ book’ in his vocabulary.

This was the genesis for the development of the Hamilton-Vale Global Literacy Scheme. Dr Lawler and the author Tom Farris worked on the original development of the list and that led to the Old technology list. (What both men had failed to foresee was that these books would be very popular with older men).

The Morris Minor

The Citroen 2CV


Harry Ferguson: Tractor Genius

Harry Ferguson

The Mini

Here is our next series

Great Steam Trains

The Grand Dream of Broad Gauge

Britain’s First Railways

Trains Racing North

The Flying Scotsman

Mallard and the A4 Pacifics

Princess Royal and the Coronation Scot

The Following are books for children

Mama Pat Series

Mama Pat

Who is Fairy Nuff?

The Litter Skitter

Melangell’s Hare

The Wild and Wonderful World

The Vitamin Rap

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