Getting Boys Reading

Let’s face it, the weather in the U.K. has been very wet. What do you do with kids when the weather means they cannot play outside? One suggestion is a reading group. This is cheap to do. You need say 5 copies of one book, and sit the boys in a circle. House rules, no-one is to tease another person. For boys we are recommending non-fiction since this is ‘masculine’ in the sense that the boys will have seen men reading newspapers.

Obviously we recommend our own books like Harry Ferguson tractor Genius because books like this are overtly masculine. However they also challenge values and this is important in developing boys. They often hear negative comments about girls and women and copy those comments without really understanding what the comments mean. Reading is software for the brain and in a developing brain it is a great way to get them to think about issues.

in Harry Ferguson tractor Genius we talk about how Ferguson, who was an engineering genius, had a vision of how to improve the role of the tractor on the farm. This is both an inspirational and fascinating tale. Ferguson worked towards his goal and changed agriculture the world over. What an inspiring tale for boys to read.

Here are others that are suitable for the 9-14 age range

The Morris Minor

The VW Beetle

The Citroen 2CV

The Mini

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