Flying Scotsman

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How much pride, trouble and misery could a steam locomotive create? No other locomotive could have beaten the ‘Flying Scotsman’. Its story is wrapped up in British pride, setting speed and distance records, having many costly problems, nearly being scrapped, being rescued four times, foreign trips with one that
went badly wrong, and men ruined.
Actually, the ‘Flying Scotsman’ isn’t just a locomotive. It’s also the name of a fast train service that was started in 1927. The locomotive was named after it, because it was the first one to pull it.
The east coast railway wanted the Flying Scotsman train to travel non-stop for the 640km (400 miles) between the two cities. This was very difficult to do. So did trying to break speed records, which time and again broke the locomotive.
The real story of the Flying Scotsman began after it had been scrapped by the railway. It was saved by one rich man, but it cost him so much it made him penniless. He was saved by another rich man who suffered the same fate, with no-one to save him. He died young, having lost everything he owned.

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