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Brian is mentioned in the Guardian ( U.K. Edition)

How to Write The Science

Brian Price

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Crime Writing: How to Write the science

Brian Price is a chemist, biologist and avid reader of crime fiction. He has worked as a
tutor in science and technology for the Open University, as an environmental consult-ant
and has worked for the U.K. Environment Agency. He now advises crime writers on the
scientific accuracy of their work and writes.

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Isbn 9781842855379
Price £15.99 €16.99
Pinched Crown quarto
(249 x 177mm) 260pgs

How many times have you read a crime novel describing a poisoning, a stabbing, an explosion or a shooting and realized it’s wrong? Mistakes jar and can undermine a brilliant plot. This guide will help you to avoid these mistakes, save you research time and ensure that your writing is scientifically credible. Crime writers increasingly look for accuracy in their work and this book, which assumes no previous scientific knowledge, will be a valuable asset for both novices and experienced writers and will also fascinate readers who love crime fiction.
This book explains:
• The nature of poisons and how they work.
• How to knock out a character and avoid killing them
• The nature of explosives are and what happens in an explosion..
• How fires start and their effects on people and buildings.
• Firearms, suppressors and how they work.
• Mechanisms for murder.
• Tips on fighting back from an attack and escaping from captivity.
• Problems of body disposal and crime scene clean-up.
• The nature and use of DNA.
• Forensic techniques & how evidence can be misinterpreted.

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Oscar McCloud

4.0 out of 5 stars Great – Reference Source for Fiction Crime Writing

Reviewed in the United Kingdom

Factual and to the point. The book pitches the science as informative rather than at an academic level and therefore for me provides exactly what the author intended. Mr Price covers enough detail along with brief case studies to illustrate the use of substances or weapons in specific crimes. He clarifies that most of the information he provides, for example about poisons and firearms, is available from various open sources. For me, this book is a useful and immediate source of facts and a reference at hand and saves time searching through the internet or various library books.
Aimed specifically at writers of crime fiction and this book provides a source of ideas towards creating plots and twists.
The author picks out the failings and improbabilities of certain scenarios and refers to films and TV programmes as examples where the criminal action is leaning towards the impractical. However, I feel that drama in films and novels need to stretch the imagination. For example, the author informs us it would not be practical to purchase sufficient acid to dispose of a body without raising suspicions beforehand. But then we are dealing with fictional criminals who have untethered access to a whole fleet of imaginary devices and therefore in a fictional world anything is possible.
Most fiction police procedural books I have read concentrate on the character’s lives and the crime supports the story conflicts. Yet, we know that a glaring mistake, in using poison for example that is impractical and wrong, can make the plot of any novel fall flat.
I found this book keeps ideas grounded; it is an enthralling read and would recommend it as a reference source for creative writers and readers of fictional crime.


Dean Marriner

5.0 out of 5 stars Very useful

I used this book to assist me with my MA in Creative Writing at the Open University. The material was very easy to engage with, and helped me add plausibility to a murder scene. Feedback on my end of module assessment praised my scientific research, something I couldn’t have achieved to the same standard without Mr Price’s book. I highly recommend ‘Crime Writing: How to Write the science’ Helpful.

Noelle | CrimeBookJunkie VINE VOICE

4.0 out of 5 stars Great reference for crime writers

Verified Purchase

This is a great and easy to read reference for the science behind writing crime. It will definitely be a well used tool in my writing. I also like how case studies are included to show what is being told / explained. Easy recommendation from me.

Jack Probyn 5.0 out of 5 stars Invaluable

Reviewed in the United Kingdom

Great book, insightful, nicely explained, and all the information is there. Also lots of recommended reading and even a few story ideas. Would recommend

Bookworm 5.0 out of 5 stars The science behind crime scenes

Reviewed in the United Kingdom

Invaluable step-by-step guide, which looks at the science behind the crime scene. This book is well written, informative and easy to use. A must-have.

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