Coding for Kids

It is now accepted that our children will live in a digital world. This is
why this book is important. It is an introductory guide that will help
your child to learn coding skills and help them to develop problem
solving skills. These skills are the thinking skills that will set your
child apart from others and give them a major advantage in all their
Parents, get ready to witness the joy of learning as your child embarks
on an educational journey like no other. Designed for curious young
minds, this book transforms coding into an exciting adventure. Each
page unfolds a world of discovery, engaging children with vibrant
illustrations and fun coding activities. Join the Button Friends in a
celebration of curiosity, imagination, and the endless possibilities that
await with each page of this delightful educational companion.
Let the Button Friends educational journey begin.

Dr Fiona Carroll 9781842856055 £8.99, 10.99 Euros, US$11.99

64 pages A5 (148*210mm/5.83*8.27 inches)

Interest Age From 7 to 12 years Reading Age From 5 to 12 years

US/Canadian School Grade Fourth Grade to Eighth Grade

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Dr Fiona Carroll is an expert in human computer interaction. She currently works at Cardiff Metropolitan University in Wales ( UK) where she champions for more children, particularly girls, to embrace the world of coding and technology. She lives with her family in a small seaside town.

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