Britain’s First Railways

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Can you imagine it? Carrying coal on bumpy tracks from mines to ships in big bags strapped to ponies.

Try another way. In little ‘waggons’ running on ‘tramways’ pulled just as slowly by a single pony. It was all too slow. Why ships though? These were the only way to carry it
to the big factories that were making iron and steel. These used vast amounts of coal. They weren’t the only ones either. More and more firms were using steam engines in their factories. These used a lot of coal too. The mines could dig coal out of the ground faster. They just
needed something faster and more powerful to pull more waggons.

What was the answer?
It was a long time coming. It came from an unknown Scottish inventor named William Murdock. Working on his own in secret, he created the world’s first steam powered vehicle.
Sadly he was held back by his bosses, the famous steam engine maker, ‘Boulton and Watt’. Because of them he had to keep it secret for ten years. The mines had to wait.
This book follows the path of successes and failures, and personal battles. It also digs out unknown names and railways, and amazing facts. Did you know, for instance, the
very first passenger railway was in Wales?

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This will be of interest to:
• Railway Enthusiasts.
• School Libraries who wish to support teenagers in their reading and encourage older men to read.
• Town libraries.

Tom Farris

TOM FARRIS is a master story teller. He has a long history of bringing technical matters to life. He lives with his wife in mid Wales where they enjoy life in the community


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