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Hello Students, parents and teachers, welcome to the home of Graham Lawler Media and Publishing.

Dr Graham Lawler

I am Dr Graham Lawler and on this site I can help you both to teach students and children and to learn as a student. I can also help you to become an author. I am a teacher and author as well as a part-time broadcaster and I have written a number of books myself as well as publishing dozens of other authors.

We are a small team of teachers and authors and we are experts in how to study, learn and pass exams. But it hasn’t always been this way, we have all had plenty of knocks on our own personal learning journeys. So by sharing everything with you, if you are a student or parent of a student we can save you time, money and heartache and you can spend less time studying and get better grades.

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Some of our Studymates Titles

Studymates are undergraduate, post-graduate and post-16 books for students. A number of titles have been adopted by different universities.

Click here to check out my Studymates guides from the Studymates experts, to help you study, learn and pass exams.

How to become a published author

When I wanted to become a writer I had to seek out advice from any quarter, then I had a contract. After I had written the book, the company went under and the book was never published.

This is why I chose to start a writers list. ( It was suggested to me by a man from Lincolnshire and I liked the idea!)

The authors of the writer’s guides are all experienced and published authors and you will learn a lot from them.

Click here to go to the how to become an author page

You may have heard me on the radio, I am passionate about getting people reading and that is why we have developed the Hamilton-Vale books. Reading is software for the brain and it is vitally important,

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As a teacher, I know how demanding lesson preparation can be and how time consuming. That is why I commissioned my authors to write the teacher books. These are ideal for teachers and home educators and will save you hours.

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