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Welcome to the home of Graham Lawler Media and Publishing. We are a family run company, with a small team, based in the North West of the U.K. As a dynamic small publisher, we are team of dedicated professionals. We currently have three lists, Studymates, Hamilton-Vale Publishing and Lawler Education.

Studymates are undergraduate, post-graduate and post-16 books for students. A number of titles have been adopted by different universities.

Hamilton-Vale Publishing is our trade books list and is growing steadily. These are informative/non-fiction books but we do have some fiction in the pipeline.

Lawler Education books are for teachers and home educators and contain lesson plans and also give advice on how to teach the lesson.

The site is under construction, so please do bookmark us and come back to see more offerings.


We will be opening the doors for submissions this year so do keep an eye out for details.

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